31 Days and 29 posts

In early March 2012, I decided to write at least one blog post per day for the whole month. How did I do? 29 posts in 31 days. I should acknowledge that I cheated a bit :), by blogging two posts in a day, but scheduling them to be published in different days.

My learning from the month long exercise?

  • There is truth to the adage “practice makes one perfect” :). The more I wrote, the quicker I was in getting the posts completed. I used to take a couple of weeks to a month in completing a post, but now, I can crank one out in a few minutes.
  • I stuck to the “perfect is the enemy of good” principal. Even though I knew that some of the posts were not as good as I wanted them to be, I kept posting them and then editing them later on.
  • More content = more traffic. Even if you don’t write earth shattering articles, there is just more content for the search engines to index you on. I saw an uptick in the traffic to the site in March.

Let’s see, how long I can keep it up.

And no.. this is not an April fools joke :).