Overheard : Comment about trust and security

Very thought provoking comment on trust and security by Mark Boyle, the Moneyless Man, on a recent episode of PRI‘s To the best of our knowledge program (I personally transcribed this.. so pls overlook any minor typos 🙂 )

What money has become is.. a substitute for trust. It has now become our primary source of security in the world and what I am trying to do personally is to find my primary source of security in the friendships I have and in my local community and my relationship with earth. Because most countries, such as Argentina and Indonesia and currently Zimbabwe have experienced this hyperinflation and you can have a million dollars in the bank. One day with devaluation, it can almost be worthless. No matter how badly I behave, my friend’s don’t devalue me that quickly. And I think real security comes in our relationships, whether to it be with our planet or whether with our local community. I think what we all can do is build a bit more diversity in how we meet our needs and to not be so reliant on cash.

You can get the full interview at http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TTBOOK/~3/X009WjbiqB0/tbk120205a.mp3. Segment with Mark starts at ~42 min.