Can you still write?

i.e. Can you still write with your hand? I ran across this article ( on the BBC, which predicts that we will have forgotten the art of handwriting in another 100 years or so. Imagine, a specialist having to decipher handwritten notes, although I should confess that I think it takes a specialist to read my handwriting now :).

As with most people of my age, I actually went through a formal “handwriting” class. I remember, we used to have special assignments, where all you did was write 🙂 . I used to write a lot of handwritten letters during my childhood, but as I grew up and started to use computers, my need to hand write something became less and less. If I remember correctly, the last handwritten letter I wrote was ~6 years ago!! It is so easy to type up an e-mail and send it off, but writing a letter makes you think and reflect on what you are writing. I do miss it 🙂

Speaking of things that are going to be “things of past”, I also think that most of the regional languages in this world will fade away in another 200-300 years. Everyone will speak some form of English :)..

So when was the last time, you wrote something (meaningful) with a pen or pencil?

New Toy : Kindle 2.0

I have been looking at getting an e-book reader for some time now (yes.. even though I don’t have time, I still like to think I can read 🙂 ).. My sister and brother in law surprised me by getting me the newly released Kindle 2.0 (Thx Guys!!).. I think I am one of the first few people to receive it!!. Here are some pictures of the unpacking and the device itself

The Kindle in it’s original packing.. Getting pretty close to being as cool as Apple packaging

The most amazing thing (for me).. the USB/Power Cable.. Look how small the power brick is!!


First Thoughts??

Since, I didn’t have a previous e-book or the Kindle 1.0, I don’t have anything to compare it to. I think the styling of the device is very sleek and sexy. I like the alumunium backend (Reminds you of the first gen iPhone). The interface is OK.. Was not very impressed with it. I love the fact that you can browse Wikipedia anytime/anywhere with the built-in wireless connection for free!!

My next task is to figure out a way to get some content onto this baby. There are several books in the public domain (like the ones on that I would like to get onto the Kindle first. Once, I feel comfortable with the unit, I will try some e-books from the Kindle store.

HOW TO : Simple perl script to replace lines in file

Nothing fancy.. but here is a simple perl script to open a file, search for specific content in the a line and replace it with some other content.

open (SOURCE, "< source.xml") or die "Could not open file source.xml: $!\n"; open (DESTINATION, ">modfile.xml")
or die "Could not open file modfile.xml: $!\n";

while (defined($line =)) {
if ($line =~ m/YYYYYYYY/i) {
print DESTINATION "$line";

close (SOURCE);

You are opening a file named source.xml, reading every line and if there is some text that matches “YYYYYYYY”, you are replacing the whole line with “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. I am sure there are more elegant ways to write this :).. but this will do the trick too..

I am a Disco Dancer..

What am I listening to now a days on my runs? This classic from the 1982 movie “Disco Dancer“..

Love the bling bling shiny dress of Mithun and the side kick girls with their saxophones and shorts 🙂

Check out two crazy moves… One is at 4:35 and the other at 7:10

And yes.. I love Disco 🙂

Never give up..

Ran across this story on the BBC ( about a 68 year old women in South Korea, who has attempted to get a car driving learning permit for the last 3 years. She attempted the exam 771 times, but hasn’t been able to score the minimum required score. What did she say, after failing again? “I will continue trying!!”.

All of us run into difficult situations from time to time. It can be a simple thing as trying to give up on a favorite food to reduce weight or attempting to reach a certain position in your career. And many times than not, we just give up.

I printed this news story and posted it in my office to remind me every day.. “Never Give Up!!”

P.S : Yes.. I do get my news from the BBC 🙂

RECIPE : Bokkala Pulusu

Recipe for Goat soup (AKA known as Bokkala Pulusu in Telugu). Credit goes to Banda and his mom. This dish is mainly prepared in the Telangana region of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a spicy soup made from Goat meat with bones. Hence the name Bokkala Pulusu. Bokkala means bones and Pulusu means soup in Telugu.

Ingredients :

  • Goat Meat (with bones)
  • Onions
  • Green Chilli
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamoms
  • Garam Masala
  • Oil
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Chilli powder
  • Tamarind Paste

Preperation :

  • Cut the meat into medium chunks. Don’t skin the meat from the bones. Let the meat cling onto the bones.
  • Heat some oil in a skillet and gently roast the cloves, cinnamon and cardamoms after crushing them.
  • After a minute, add the sliced onions and half cut green chilli.
  • When the onions turn golden, add the meat and gently turn it around until it becomes light pink.
  • Sprinkle some turmeric and add salt, chilli powder (according to your taste).
  • Let the meat cook for another 3-4 minutes and add garam masala.
  • Add plenty of water (should be at least 2 inches about the level of the meat) and the tamarind paste.
  • Let the meat cook for at least 1 hour on medium flame.
  • Serve hot with white rice..

Visuals :

The meat..


Cinnamon, Cloves &  Cardamoms

Onions & Chilli

All mixed together..

Served with a bunch of other dishes 🙂

Places to Visit : Shri Swami Narayan Mandir : Bartlett, IL

I am going to start a new category of postings called “Places to Visit”.  I will be documenting various places that I visited and think that they would be of interest to other people.. 

The first one on the list is the Swami Narayan Mandir (temple) in Bartlett, IL. Although, this temple is dedicated to Swami Narayan (one of the Gods in the Hindu religion), it is open to anyone that wants to visit. The temple is built completely out of marble and was completed in a record 16 months. As it stands now, it is the largest Hindu temple in North America (Thx to Deepti for correcting me.. Looks like the newly built Swami Narayan temple in Atlanta, GA is the largest temple in North America now.. It was built in accordace to ancient architectural practises, which means that no steel or iron was used in building it. The temple is located at 

4N739 IL Route 59,
Bartlett , IL 60103 USA

An added bonus to visiting the temple, in addition to be able to view an amazing architectural wonder and (if you are inclined) a chance to sooth your spirit, you also get good vegetarian food :). It is cooked right in the temple.

Photography is not allowed inside the temple.. Here are some pictures I was able to take from outsite the temple

The Haveli

Intricate wood carving on the Haveli’s enterance

The temple, in snow..

Front view of the temple

The entrance of the temple

Timeless classic by Pushikin..

I was introduced to this poem by Pushkin, when I was studying in Russia by one of my friends.. I forgot it’s title and could only remember a few works.. So, I put up this post, earlier on this blog. Thx to Dima.. I found it again :).. Here’s one of my favorite poem’s by Russia’s greatest author.. Alexander S. Pushkin ,

ПРИЗНАНИЕ (translates to Confession)

Я вас  люблю,-  хоть я  бешусь,
Хоть это труд и стыд напрасный,
И в этой глупости несчастной
У ваших ног я признаюсь!
Мне не к лицу и не по летам.....
Пора, пора мне быть умней!
Но узнаю по всем приметам
Болезнь любви в душе моей:
Без вас мне скучно, - я зеваю;
При вас мне грустно, - я терплю;
И, мочи нет, сказать желаю,
Мой ангел, как я вас люблю!
Когда я слышу из гостиной
Ваш легкий шаг, иль платья шум,
Иль голос девственный, невинный,
Я вдруг теряю весь свой ум.
Вы улыбнетесь, - мне отрада;
Вы отвернетесь, - мне тоска;
За день мучения - награда
Мне ваша бледная рука.
Когда за пяльцами прилежно
Сидите вы, склонясь небрежно,
Глаза и кудри опустя, -
Я в умиленьи, молча, нежно
Любуюсь вами, как дитя!......
Сказать ли вам мое несчастье,
Мою ревнивую печаль,
Когда гулять, порой в ненастье.
Вы собираетеся в даль?
И ваши слезы в одиночку,
И речи в уголку вдвоем,
И путешествия в Опочку,
И фортепьяно вечерком?...
Алина! сжальтесь надо мною.
Не смею требовать любви.
Быть может, за грехи мои,
Мой ангел, я любви не стою!
Но притворитесь! Этот взгляд
Всё может выразить так чудно!
Ах, обмануть меня нетрудно,
Я сам обманываться рад!

English translation can be found here (